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4 Ways Not To Regret Getting Your Tattoo

Have you ever regretted purchasing something? Well imagine if that something wasn’t a product, but instead was permanent ink set in your skin! We’ve all heard of the idiot guy who gets a silly...

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5 Funny Tattoo Fails

We shouldn’t laugh, or be entertained by looking through horribly done or silly designed tattoos, but ah well, i suppose it’s built in us! So to keep us all entertained, below we have listed...

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5 Interesting Tattoo Meanings

Many people get tattoos for sentimental value, as they may mean something significant to them, yet some may just get them because they look awesome and not care what they mean. Whilst you may...

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The Great British Tattoo Show

It’s that time of year again, time to get your short sleeve shirts on, high cut shorts and show off your inked skin at one of the UK’s biggest tattoo events! Located in Alexandra...

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Portsmouth Tattoo Extravaganza

Portsmouth are hosting a big Tattoo event for all of those located a little deeper down in the warmer part of England. For the 5th year this time, the Portsmouth Tattoo Extravaganza will be...

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Liverpool Tattoo Convention

Running for the 8th time this Year, the Liverpool Tattoo Convention will be running in May, from the 15th till the 17th! Check out over 250 tattoo artists tattooing live all day! Head down...

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Doncaster Tattoo Jam

Any body close to ‘Donny’ that fancies a good day out seeing some awesome art? If so, make sure you don’t miss out on Tattoo Jam this year! Tattoo Jam is one of the...

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London International Tattoo Exposition

Too far down south to travel to the northern region tattoo expos such as Leeds or Manchester? Not to worry, there are loads more in the UK. One being The London International Tattoo Exposition!