Getting Listed on Inked Local!

Did you know that in January alone, the term ‘tattoo, tattoo studio and tattoo design’ was searched for on the internet over 110,000 times, and that’s just in Google! As well as this, if you throw in other keywords such as the tattoo styles and a few locations, you’re looking at an average monthly search volume of over 320,000, that’s over 3,500,000 a year! Crazy right?

Tattooing is an ancient art that has long survived with word of mouth, however, gradually more and more people are searching online to find the perfect tattooist for them! This is why we are here. We know that word of mouth and exposure is important, which is what we aim to be, just online!

Our site is increasingly becoming more and more popular, so being listed on it is not only providing the customer with great information, but also increasing your studio awareness and profits!

We would love to speak to you to discuss your presence on the site, so don’t hold back and